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AboutX2At LAYKANICS we are convinced that a new wave of inventors is on the rise thanks to the expanding use of 3D Printing! We’re determined to amplify this wave by providing helpful guidelines and practical hints derived from our experience as Aerospace Engineers. Based in the UK, this start-up launched in February of 2016. The idea originated from a discussion between two good friends whose friendship dates back to the halls of MIT.

Is not just the learnings from an arduous career full of technical challenges that we want to share, we also want to transmit to you our love and passion for the fine discipline of Mechanical Engineering.

In brief: we want to teach you what we know. We also want you to realize, that Technology and Engineering are more than tedious readings. They are accelerating objects, speed, jet flows, sonic booms and hours and hours of fun. So whether you’re the inventor of the next generation of space travel or simply an enthusiast, don’t just make Layers; enjoy, live and master the meKanics!