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Contains all hardware (except Microbit and Driver Board, sold separately) necessary to build Project CODY. Included in this set are:

  • Motors K1-M1 (x2)
  • Pinion Gear K1-G10 (x4)
  • Gears K1-G30 (x2), K1-G60 (x4)
  • Shafts 2MM K1-S2 (x4), 3MM Shaft K1-S3 (x2)
  • Electric Contacts: K3-PCON (x2), K3-NCON (x2), K3-DCON (x4)
  • Electric Terminals K1-TS (x4)
  • Red and Black Wire (750 MM each)
  • Fasteners, Nuts and Washers: K1-F12 (x28), K1-F8 (x14), K1-NT (x4), K1-WSR (x4)
  • O-Rings K1-OR100 (x2)

NOTE: Additionally, project CODY requires 1 off Microbit (K2-MB) & 1 off Motor Driver Board (K2-5620) Click on each link to purchase separately Microbit and Motor Driver Board.



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